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Enable hundreds of crypto communities and users to instantly purchase or trade your token with the Alty chat bot.

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Get your Token inside
hundreds of Crypto communities
with Alty.

Enable users to instantly set up a wallet and purchase or trade your token with Alty’s chat bot.

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Alty Token - Hero Phones
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Your Token is About to Socialize

  • Reach a broader audience of crypto users, from basic newbies to expert investors

  • Allow Alty's innovative chat-based platform to remove the complexity and adoption barriers for users to stay active in the crypto world

  • Take advantage of Alty's simplified experience to extend automated services and solutions to crypto users through popular instant-messaging platforms

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Spark conversation and engagement in more than 500 crypto communities

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Get attention from 3.7 million active crypto enthusiasts

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Alty Discord Graphic - Bring crypto to Life

The Tech Behind Our Transfers

Alty allows users to efficiently transfer value
through Algorand’s highly scalable
blockchain and stablecoin ecosystem,
as well as with Bitcoin and Ethereum.

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Polygon and Binance available soon!

Alty Token Graphic - The Tech

Want to harness Alty’s capabilities for your token launch?

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