KiteSirens Barbados. Carolina (L) and Andrea (R).

First Kite Surf Club to Accept Crypto as Payment

May 18, 2018

KiteSirens have joined the Gaby community. Not a crypto fund, not a blockchain specialist… Much better than that, the first Kitesurf club in the world to accept crypto as payment.

Carolina and Andrea kicked off KiteSirens to motivate and inspire girls to join the kitesurf community. There aren’t enough women in the sport and these two are on a mission to give women a stronger voice and a broader presence. As much as surfer dudes will be surfer dudes, these two redefine the surfer-chick moniker; smart, sharp, focused, driven and cooler than a panda in snow. Their initiatives have pushed the number of female kitesurfers on the island through the roof. As much as it’s inspiring to see that girls are teaching the sport, it becomes so much more accessible to girls when they can see so many others already doing it.

Through our kitesurfing adventures, we hope to inspire other women to live authentically, reach beyond their limits and chase dreams like the wind.

Carolina Kite Surfing

It’s one thing to accept crypto as payment but it’s the community that they have created which is at the crux of it all.

KiteSirens was born out of a project called Sun Tribe whose purpose is to empower girls using kitesurfing. Carolina is a psychologist, Andrea a teacher and together they’ve managed to team up with specialists so that kitesurfing becomes a respected form of therapy. Doing happy things is great, but camaraderie, mutual respect and opportunities to grow as a community is what makes Sun Tribe so special.

There isn’t enough funding and there aren’t enough projects empowering you girls and pulling them out of isolation. We want to be part of the engine that drives just that.

We’re making it possible for KiteSirens to accept crypto as payment but real connection is that we both share a strong sense of community and it is a privilege to work with them.


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