Crypto By The Sea

Crypto By The Sea

December 15, 2020

Alty, the company that was launched in Barbados as Project Gaby has taken to the seas. Alty is the brain-child of Barbados’s bitcoin mogul, Gabriel Abed and crypto-technology specialist, Liran Peretz. Their drive over two years has successfully united developers both locally and globally to usher in a new era of accessibility.

The premise: you should be able to do everything on WhatsApp or Telegram. Securely.

First stop: crypto-currencies; a word that scares everyone because of its opacity.

Alty is an artificial intelligence bot that simplifies everything crypto. Alty lives in every chat platform including WhatsApp and Telegram. You want to taste crypto and get a crypto wallet? Just say so and you have one. Anyone familiar with crypto remembers what it was like to start from the very beginning. Until Alty was launched, nothing had changed. Alty bot gives you a crypto wallet in seconds.

The security features built-in to Alty are so robust that you can verify your identity without needing to go to a bank branch or present ID and bank statements. Alty knows how to do all of that over chat.

Try it today at

Your crypto wallet will be built into your WhatsApp and associated with your phone number so you don’t need to worry about any of the nonsense that normally comes bundled with crypto.

Alty already has thousands of customers with a crypto-wallet built into their WhatsApp or Telegram and it’s special thanks to its frictionless onboarding. Send, receive and exchange crypto by typing it into your chat. No passwords or secret phrases — you just ask.

The Alty Wallet is cross-compatible which means that you can chat to your wallet regardless of which app you use. Your crypto is safe. Your crypto is always at your fingertips.


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