List of Commands

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/Register: One time use. Creates a premium Alty account. Grants access to the Alty Wallet and Alty Bot.

/Help: If you get stuck or have any questions, typing this will put you in touch with our friendly human support agent.

/Hi: Brings up the main menu and this command list from anywhere.

/Price BTC: Do you want the latest market data? Type /price followed by the token of your choice (eg. /price eth) and you will get the current market price of Ethereum.

/Info BTC: Similar to /price BTC. Gives a more detailed set of data.

/News: Wondering what the latest developments in the Crypto world are? This command will bring up the 5 latest crypto articles. Try /news ada or /news paypal for more specific news.

/Balance: Display all the tokens currently held in your Alty Wallet.

/Send: The easiest way to send crypto to anyone, anywhere.

/Receive: Get a message wth your public Alty Wallet addresses and your FIO handle so you can forward the message to someone trying to send you funds. Today you can accept crypto from the following chains: Bitcoin, Ethereum, Algorand.

/Request: Ask someone you know for some crypto by requesting funds from their FIO address (e.g. /request patrick@alty 5 algo).

/Fio: Get an easy-to-read- crypto address like patrick@alty so people can send you crypto through chat without any copy-pasting.

/Events: Will show you what crypto events are available. Participate and earn a POAP!

/Demo: start an interactive tutorial in-chat.

/Support: Get in touch with the Alty Support Team for assistance.

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/Tip: Tip or pay someone inside a group chat.

/Presales: Will list you any available community-driven pre-ICO token sales from other community members and official Alty partners.

/Rules: Gets you the community rules and guidelines for the group chat.