Alty Signs Deal with Netki for Digital Validation

December 15, 2020

Alty has thousands of people with a crypto-wallet in WhatsApp and Telegram. How? Frictionless onboarding.

Billions of dollars are spent on user acquisition — a figure that is heavily skewed towards app downloads. One of the hardest tasks in marketing is getting someone to add yet another app to their phones. Alty functions through apps like WhatsApp and Telegram that everyone already has and Alty is making their tech available so crypto exchanges can onboard new customers in seconds, and at a fraction of the cost.

The partnership with Netki has been critical for connecting users with trading platforms — it is the most advanced identification-validation available.

The Alty Wallet is built into any chat platform and is cross-compatible which means that novices dipping their toes into crypto can start trading as fast as veterans regardless of what app they use to chat.

Users are now able to onboard, send, receive and exchange crypto directly from within a chat. This has completely cleaned up the onboarding process for people creating crypto-wallets. What was once a process of pass-phrases and endless questionnaires has turned into a single text message.

Just type /onboardme

Netki is a prestigious organisation and Alty are proud to be a part of their continued success.


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