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Alty launches the Web 3 App

February 25, 2022

Alty, the platform that has made crypto easy by bringing it to WhatsApp and Telegram, has now found a way to create even more convenience for their users with the Alty App. Check your crypto finance from different wallets in one place in this super insightful application.

Barbados, February 2022

Make crypto easy is a Barbados based startup that has one goal: to make crypto easy! Alty already accomplished this by bringing crypto to everybody’s favorite chats but they are taking it a step further. With the launch of the Alty Application you will be able to connect your private key controlled wallets to Alty. The information from both hot and cold wallets is presented in one panel. Users will no longer have to open different apps or pages to find out what their balance is. Or to check their transaction history or even send, receive or trade crypto. The Alty Application provides all this in one spot.


But that is not it. The Alty App is a Web3 application. This means that the application makes it possible to access a variety of wallets that operate on different blockchains from the same spot. It also offers the possibility to automate withdrawal based on balance or time parameters. These are features that are very rare and Alty is the first one to launch them.


“We are happy to announce another development for Alty that makes life easier for our users”, says Alty’s CEO Liran Peretz. “Our ultimate goal is to offer a tool that influencers or brands can use to manage and monetise their communities. The Alty Application adds a lot of value because there is no other tool that offers access to all the crypto wallets in one place.” But this is not the end of the development for Alty. “We are working on improving our product on a day to day basis and are looking forward to some other more launches in the near future to make the product even more convenient.”

Set up your Alty Chat Wallet today for a completely free ALGO/ERC20/BTC wallet.

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