The Power of Omegans

December 13, 2022

What to many may seem like an endless stream of notifications and noise, to an elite few, the distinct ping of an update in Omega holds quite a lot of meaning. Omega, a Whatsapp group chat formed over five years ago, continues to show the first real example of the versatility and adaptability of digital communities of the future.

Omega has evolved from a chat group, to a community, to a family of crypto lovers and top tier crypto researchers and entrepreneurs working together to make a positive impact on the space and the world, by extension. The group’s activities grew from simply daily chat activities into many different types of engagement. Group members and admins are involved in education sessions, offline meetings, joint digital investments and development of NFT projects. This is where Omega turns from a chat group to a real community, creating real value for everyone involved.

As the reach and needs of Omega continue to expand, a founding partner,, proposed a bold, new initiative to deepen the levels of engagement and impact possible from directly within the crypto community. Using Alty's cutting edge chat-wallet solution and the ingenuity of the Algorand Blockchain, a new form of commerce was proposed to enable Omegans to have a medium of exchange that is true to them, one that they can build and create meaningful connections around. And so, the OMGA Token on Algorand was born!

While the groundwork is still being laid for the true maximization of the OMGA token, it is truly a trial and testament to the power of Community Tokens. Within the community, members have already become excited and teams have been forming for the advancement of the OMGA token and the Omega DAO.

On the practical level there were a few steps we took for kicking off the Omega test DAO.
In this blog we would like to share some of the best practices for other communities to explore and hopefully benefit from:

  1. Using Myalgowallet, we created a token and multi-sig wallets.

  2. Using an Alty chat wallet we distributed tokens to the DAO creators.

  3. We've opened a chat group for the DAO committees and for in chat voting

    • Using Alty Community Dashboard ( we allow access only to OMGA token holders

    • Using Alty's voting feature on the bot we can run polls inside the group

    • Using Alty's tip feature we can easily distribute tokens to community members over the chat

    • Using Alty's feedback feature we collect proposals from the token holder community

    • Using a Google document we track all proposals and the rewards given for engagement 

Omega's effort showcases the true power of community, and empowered by Alty’s chat-wallet tech, their tokens are simply one Whatsapp, Telegram or Discord message away. The story of OMGA is just beginning, so stay connected to learn more about how you can benefit from the legacy of the OMGA token and Omega DAO. We welcome any community member or admin to join our Knowledge Quest Sessions and our Omega chat groups to keep learning about the tools, methods and best practices for building a strong engaged community.

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