Alty AI Support Agent on WhatsApp
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Alty: Your WhatsApp AI Support Agent

Unveiling a smoother, faster, and smarter way to manage your business and community support.

Key Features

  • Seamless Integration: Merge Alty with your WhatsApp business ecosystem for frictionless support and engagement.
  • Daily Automated Summaries: Receive clear, concise summaries of daily community interactions for quick oversight and follow-up.
  • Real-Time Custom Notifications: Stay alerted to important events in your community with tailored notifications, directly via WhatsApp.
  • Data-Driven Insights: Harness the power of community feedback gathered and analyzed through WhatsApp conversations.
  • Query-Based Interactions: Get specific information on community sentiment or issues with simple queries to your AI agent.
  • Chatbot Integration to Your CRM: Connect Alty directly to your CRM software, allowing for seamless transitions from customer conversations to lead tracking and management. Your CRM can be updated with new leads, support tickets, and vital customer interactions in real-time, turning WhatsApp chats into valuable CRM entries.
  • Actionable Automated Responses: Cut down on response times with automated actions for common support requests and community engagement triggers.

Your Benefits

Efficiency at Scale: Optimize time by automating routine support and engagement tasks.

Personalized Support: Provide tailored customer service that resonates with each community member’s needs.

Operational Insight: Make informed decisions with analytics that reveal trends, patterns, and member engagement levels.

Enhanced Engagement: Foster a community atmosphere where every member’s voice is heard and valued.

Crisp User Interface: Enjoy the clean, distraction-free aesthetics of Alty’s white design for effortless interaction and navigation.